The Arts for Business Institute is committed to advance the knowledge about the use of the arts in business. We develop research and applied projects on the use of arts-based initiatives to enhance the organizational capacity for sustainable value creation. Our focus is primarily on the design, implementation, evaluation and revision of arts-based initiatives adopted by private and public organizations to drive business performance improvements and wealth generation.

The Arts for Business Institute seeks to advance the understanding of how the creative and aesthetic power of the arts can impact on the development of people, business models, management systems, and territorial systems. We lead research investigations and action research projects on the use of the arts in business to provide new insights, innovative approaches, creative tools, and advices to face today's and tomorrow's business challenges.
R E S E A R C H    P R O G R A M M E S
We work with private and public organisations looking for new ideas and approaches, keen in engaging and developing human resources, interested to embrace management innovations to better manage and deliver performance, and aspiring to create a positive creative tension toward learning and transformation. Whether you are interested to understand how the arts can enhance organizational value creation, we have a program to help you, or we can define a new program together to meet your interests and needs.