The Arts for Business Institute offers seminars and workshops designed to create opportunities to learn how to apply the arts in business for business performance improvements and organizational development.

"ABIs: value for the business, why, how, value-added"
11 December 2012, Tampere, Finland
Value-Added Work Life (VAWL)
"The Power of Arts for Business"
6 September 2012, Lodz, Poland
BEEznes Conference
"Creativity – a new paradigm"
11 June 2012, Weimar, Germany
Creative Innovation Summit
"Art-Based management into practice"
1 June 2012, The World Bank, Paris, France
The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities
"The power of culture in business"
29-30 May 2012, Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow, UK
The Higher Education Academy Arts and Humanities Annual Conference 2012
"Assessing the links between the Arts and Creativity in Business"
15 March 2012, The Culture Capital Exchange, The British Library, Central St Martins, London, UK
1st Conference on 'Creativity and Business: Connectivity, Values and Interventions'
"The Arts in Business: challenges for 21st century organisations"
20 February 2012, Politecnico di Bari, Italy
"Unlock the power of the arts for business"
9-10 November 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia
"The Arts and the Wine: how to build a strategic relationship for economic development"
5 November 2011, Metaponto, Italy
"The Value of Arts to Inspire Managers"
7 October 2011, University of Salento, Lecce, Italy
"The Arts Value Matrix: understanding the aesthetic impact of the arts on organisational development"
7 September 2011, New Thinking in Design Management, Cambridge, United Kingdom
"Why the arts matter for management in today's service economy"
17 June 2011, IFKAD2011, Tampere, Finland
"The Value of Arts for Business"
6 June 2011, University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy
"Emotive knowledge and Artful management"
26 Maggio 2011, World Bank, Paris, France
"Reflections on the value of arts for business"
19 May 2011, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
"Creating and Maintaining a Productive Workforce"
4 Febbraio 2011, Business Thinking Rewired, Arts and Business, Belfast, Northern Ireland
"Artful workers and know-feel"
17 Novembre 2010, KCWS , Melbourne, Australia
"Innovation, IC and the Arts"
1-2 June 2010, Sixth edition of The World Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities, Paris, France