The Arts for Business Institute is an independent nonprofit leading international organization focused on the design, implementation, evaluation and review of Arts-based Initiatives (ABIs) for the enhancement of the value creation capacity of private and public organizations.

The Arts for Business Institute has been founded by Professor Giovanni Schiuma on the basis of the fundamental belief that 21st century organizations need to recognize the centrality of human beings in their business models. People represent the core and the final goal of any organizational system. This means that people's emotional and energetic features play a fundamental importance in organizational value creation capacity and characteristics. The organizations' value creation mechanisms as well as the nature and quality of the generated value increasingly depend from the ability of managing organizational aesthetic dimensions. The use of arts in business represents the strongest means for this purpose. Thus, our fundamental assumption is that the creation of value in the new millennium is tied to the recognition of the relevance of people's experiences, emotions and energy in shaping and influencing the quality and performance of organizations.

To achieve our goals we work in collaboration with a wide range of private and public partners who sponsor our research, training activities and events on the basis of the shared belief that the arts represent a powerful means and driver for organizational and territorial development.

The Arts for Business Institute develops leading-edge conceptual and action-based research projects, design and implement executives training programs, promote and organize events.